The Aussie rock scene is in mourning today, with news that The Ocean Party drummer Zac Denton has passed away at the age of 24.

Having joined The Ocean Party in 2012 at just 18 years old, Zac Denton quickly made a name for himself in the Melbourne music scene, performing in a number of bands including Ciggie Witch, Pregnancy and Hobby Farm.

In a statement posted on Facebook today, The Ocean Party revealed the tragic news of Denton’s recent passing.

“It is with great sadness and a very heavy heart that we must announce the passing of our beautiful friend and brother Zachary Levi Denton,” they wrote.

“Zac was admitted to St. Vincents hospital on Sunday evening with a migraine which after brain scans was realised to be related to a cyst blocking the fluids from draining from his brain. The doctors did what they could to relieve the fluid but swelling of the brain was too much.”

In the wake of Zac’s passing, the band have released their latest album, The Oddfellows’ Hall, a week earlier than planned, offering it up for free download through their Bandcamp page.

The Oddfellows’ Hall features two of Zac’s most beautiful songs to date in ‘Home’ and ‘Rain On Tin’,” the band wrote. “They reflect on his love for his family and his home town and a desire to let them know the love felt towards them.”

Praising Zac Denton’s “direct and honest lyricism” which “affected those who could relate to his struggles with day to day life”, the group also promised that plenty more of Zac’s music will be released in the coming year.

The Ocean Party are currently scheduled to kick off an Aussie tour in mid-November, though they’ve not yet commented on the status of these shows.

Our sincere thoughts go out to the family, friends, and musical associates of Zac Denton at this difficult time.

Check out The Ocean Party’s ‘Home’: